Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sixth Dream & Strange Happenings Part 2

For my latest dream, I decided to film an entry for my youtube channel to talk about the dream. I filmed it outside since it was a very nice day outside, except for the bit of wind that was blowing. I filmed it at a nearby lake, which was featured prominently in the dream, which has been another recurring dream for me. The entry is live on youtube, the link is here: My New Video

The creepy thing was the fact that I found a third video clip on the camera, which I only remember filming two. In the third clip, I'm walking in the wooded area next to the lake. I don't need to describe what happens, because you can see it in my video. What made this clip creepy, besides me not remembering filming it, was that tree at the end. Something knocked me down, and when the camera refocused at the tree, something weird happened. I hope I'm not the only one who saw it, otherwise I'm just going crazy.

The spot where I said it looked like it could be an eyeball, I swear it looked like an eyeball appeared in the tree. How could that even be possible?

It seems the more I try to learn about my dreams, the stranger things start to get. Granted, I haven't seen that strange man in my house when I wake up anymore, so perhaps the locks and bars helped out there. However, I swear that I keep seeing somebody following me wherever I go. It's a fleeting glance, though, because when I turn to try and get a better look, there is nobody there. Since I have no definite proof that I'm being stalked or anything, I can't go to the cops about this. Guess I just gotta wait until I have evidence.

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