Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Third Dream

This isn't a completely new dream for me, more like a continuation of the previous dream.

The dream starts off exactly the same. Park, celebration, lots of people, men in suits come and take everybody away. This time, however, one of the men is straggling behind. I immediately begin to follow him so I can find out where everybody was taken to. I'm following him down this dirt road that seems to go on forever, until finally it leads into a forest. Something inside me sank, as if warning me not to go into the forest. Maybe something was waiting in there for me, maybe it was nothing. But I realized that the only way to save my friends was to go in there. So, I took a deep breath and I went into the forest, still following the path. Once again, it felt like forever that I was walking, until I finally saw a clearing up ahead. I ran to get to the clearing, and that was the moment I woke up.

For some reason, I woke up in a heavy sweat. Walking through the forest, it seemed too real, unlike past dreams. Not sure why, or what the dream could mean.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Second Dream

Woke up from what was seeming to be a deep, dreamless sleep. Got on my computer right away so I could record the dream before I forgot it. It wasn't gonna be too hard, as this was a dream I've had several times since I was a little kid.

I was in a park, surrounded by many people. A good number of faces were those of people I knew: schoolmates, family, close friends, co-workers, etc... And there were a decent number of people I didn't recognize. We were having a huge picnic to celebrate something, and there was dancing, music and games. It was a fun time, and everybody was smiling and laughing. Suddenly, I felt a cold chill in the air as a harsh breeze came across everything. Next thing I know, there are a bunch of men coming from nowhere. All are dressed the same: black suit and tie. All of their faces were extremely serious-looking. Each one walked over to somebody else there, and they grabbed them with force and disappeared. I tried to fight back and stop them from taking everybody, but my fighting was to no avail. As the last suited man disappeared, I was left alone in the park. I fell to my knees and started crying. Out of nowhere, a hand (at least, I assumed it was a hand) placed itself on my shoulder. Just as I turned to see what was touching me, I woke up.

Analysis, anybody?

Monday, January 23, 2012

First Dream

I apologize I haven't posted here since my introduction. I haven't been sleeping much the past few weeks (no nightmares or anything, I'm just a bit of an insomniac). Either I don't sleep, I sleep for about 10 minutes, or I hit a deep sleep and can't remember anything from my dreams. However, this dream did stick out, and I'm wondering what people think it could mean.

There were four of us: two women that I didn't recognize, one guy I didn't recognize, and myself. We were talking to this elderly man who was dressed in strange clothes, possibly from the Medieval era. He told us that we were chosen to be the new generation of heroes to save the world. In order to gain the powers of the past heroes, we had to master riding these special horses. The other three were able to do so with ease, but I was given the most stubborn horse of all. Pure black with a major attitude. I ultimately ended up having to get on him by jumping and grabbing onto him as he ran past me. Once I got on him, he was fine. The four of us transformed into new outfits. I don't recall what the others wore, but suddenly I was in a black suit of armor, the helmet had horns on it, and my shield had a giant cross on it as an emblem. We were then informed that we were now the new heroes and heroines of legend. The women were the heroines of wisdom and courage, the other guy was the hero of valor, and I was the hero of justice. My horse had also changed somewhat, as now its mane and tail were these dark blue flames. We started riding off in a 1-2-1 formation to what I assume was our first heroic mission. However, before we got there, my horse became a bit wild again and took off in a separate direction. He suddenly stopped and I lost my grip, so I ended up being thrown from him. I crashed head first into a tree, and then I woke up.

Any possible translations?

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey guys. My name is Lucien Drage. I'm almost 27 years old (I know, I'm getting old, lol), and I currently live on my own. Not gonna say what town or state. You know, I like my privacy, and I don't want a bunch of crazy internet people stalking me. I just moved into my first apartment a few months ago, and I finally finished unpacking and settling in. Unfortunately, I am unemployed, but I am currently collecting unemployment, plus I have a good amount of money saved up in my bank account.

This feels a little weird to me. I wanted to create a blog, but when I went to blogger, it said I already had one and had a blog created already. However, when I went to check out the blog, all I saw was a black screen. I wanted to do the same thing with youtube, and the same situation occurred: I had an account already, but I couldn't see any of the videos it said I had uploaded, nor could I see any of the videos of the accounts I had subscribed to.

My reason for wanting to create the blog and youtube channel? Lately, I've been having some trouble sleeping, and when I do, I have some strange dreams. I am going to use the youtube and blog as a means of recording what happens in my dreams, and then seeking out anybody who reads/watches my accounts to help me analyze my dreams and figure out what they could mean. My e-mail address is luciendrage@gmail.com, and hopefully, I shall be hearing from anybody soon.