Thursday, July 5, 2012

On A Positive Note

Well, before the positive, there's always the negative to state. I've still had no luck recalling any of my memories. No memory of Kelly or Kelley or whoever that girl from my dreams is, nor any recollection about this Zeke Strahm guy. I'm still seeing that girl in my dreams, and I continue to wind up in a forest with that one tree. The one with multiple eyes. However, the dream furthered itself a little more, and now there were these bug-like things just sitting on the tree. They almost looked like leeches. I woke up with a serious migraine after the dream. Something tells me that this weird tree is important to me as well, but whenever I try to think more about it, my migraine comes back.

Moving on, there is a positive note in my life. I met somebody.

Being the 4th of July, I decided to take a drive and find a new bar to go to, somewhere that was near fireworks. I ended up at a place called Hell's Kitchen, and they had some really good drinks there. As I went to order my first drink, there was a woman next to me that actually was about to order the exact same drink. We kinda laughed and agreed we both had good taste. Sitting at the bar, we began talking and learning about each other. Her name is Maya, she is 22 years old, a college graduate and trying to find a full-time job. Well, at least a better job than just working as a bartender. What caught my interest the most about her physical appearance was her bright red hair. I know it wasn't natural, but it looked fantastic on her. We continued talking through the night, and before we knew it, it was almost 1 in the morning. We parted ways, but not before exchanging our phone numbers (as well as a hug and kiss goodbye).

We have plans to go to dinner tonight and get to know each other even better. Hopefully this positive spin remains this way. However, I do have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something bad is going to happen. Not sure where this feeling is coming from, but I'm just gonna ignore it and enjoy my time with Maya.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Clue, But Confusing To Me

I decided to log onto youtube today, to see if maybe I could access any of my videos or my subscriptions. I was hoping that maybe I could view something that would give me any insight to my own missing memories of my youtube channel or blog. I couldn't view any of my own videos still, and for the most part, I couldn't view any other videos of my subscriptions.

Except for one...

It was hard for me to see and understand what was going on, due to a lot of distortion in the video, and the man's voice seemed both soft and gravelly. So I was unable to get an idea of what this video was about. One thing, however, scared me really badly: the ending of the video. Through all of the distortion, I saw something that appeared to be tentacles slowly appearing from the side of the screen, reaching in until they grabbed the man. When I watched that, I suddenly got a massive headache and fell to the floor of my room, clutching my head. At the same time, I felt this strange burning sensation in one of my wrists and began grabbing that as well.

From reading the description, I gathered his name was Ezekiel Strahm. He was apparently some important figure, for he had two blogs that he wrote in. However, when I clicked on the links, I once again got the black screen that I get when trying to read any other blogs. However, I noticed something when I logged into my own account here on blogger: I'm already subscribed to his two blogs.

Why am I subscribed to his blogs, and why, of all the channels I'm subscribed to on youtube, that video was the only one I could see?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying to Recall

At the suggestion of Alex's comment on my last entry, I've decided to try and recall my memories and what I may have written in my old blog. She mentioned the name Kellie, and I've been forcing myself to remember anything about any girl with that name, either Kellie, Kelly, or Kelley. However, I haven't been able to recall a single thing. Yet, the dream I was having about the girl who I was proposing to has been playing out more often. Other dreams have been featuring this girl as well. Could this girl be Kellie?

I feel like I'm starting to get closer to learning something, but whenever I feel like I might be near a breakthrough, something forcibly stops me from remembering. For example, in one of the dreams with this girl, we are sitting on a bed, having a conversation. I can't hear anything that's being said, but slowly the sound picks up. She is about to mention something to me, but something weird happens. I'm suddenly outside in a forest, staring at a tree with multiple eyes (similar to the tree in my one video, but with a lot more eyes). I think this tree may have something to do with everything, but I have no idea what exactly this tree has to do with my life. Getting a little nervous, but it really seems that my memories may contain something important that somebody or something doesn't want me to recall.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Made My Decision

Saturday in Atlantic City was not fruitful. Granted, I only lost 100 bucks, but it would've been nice to win big. So, after careful consideration, I've made my decision.

For those of you who are following this blog, for those of you reading it only through watching my youtube channel, and even those who read and don't follow it, I need all of your help.

Slowly (not all at once), I would like you to help me recover my memory, sort of. As stated, I can't see the entries from my old blog, just as I cannot see my old videos from youtube. I would like you to start helping me remember by telling me what it was I wrote about/filmed. I'm not sure what I'm looking for in them, but I have a feeling there's something important that I need to know.

Please help me.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lost Time

I apologize for my lack of posts in what appears to be almost two months. However, I don't feel like it's been that long. Truthfully, I don't even know what's happened in the past two months. A lot of my memories have gotten all fuzzy, ever since I watched that video I uploaded. Mainly that extra clip I found with the tree. I remember over the past two months I've had the feeling that somebody is stalking me, or somebodies, because at times I felt there was more than one person. At the same time, I'm still having dreams that are featuring the lake and the tree with the eye. The only other thing I recall is going back down to the lake to take a walk, and this random person bumped into me. It shouldn't have stuck out, except for the bandages the person had on their arms, like they were covering up scratches or burns or something.

I'm going to make a decision in the next week. I won't discuss it here just yet, but it will happen by next Sunday or Monday. However, this coming Saturday, I shall be in Atlantic City for the day. Thinking about it, I get a feeling of deja vu. Not sure why. Hopefully, my decision will be the right one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sixth Dream & Strange Happenings Part 2

For my latest dream, I decided to film an entry for my youtube channel to talk about the dream. I filmed it outside since it was a very nice day outside, except for the bit of wind that was blowing. I filmed it at a nearby lake, which was featured prominently in the dream, which has been another recurring dream for me. The entry is live on youtube, the link is here: My New Video

The creepy thing was the fact that I found a third video clip on the camera, which I only remember filming two. In the third clip, I'm walking in the wooded area next to the lake. I don't need to describe what happens, because you can see it in my video. What made this clip creepy, besides me not remembering filming it, was that tree at the end. Something knocked me down, and when the camera refocused at the tree, something weird happened. I hope I'm not the only one who saw it, otherwise I'm just going crazy.

The spot where I said it looked like it could be an eyeball, I swear it looked like an eyeball appeared in the tree. How could that even be possible?

It seems the more I try to learn about my dreams, the stranger things start to get. Granted, I haven't seen that strange man in my house when I wake up anymore, so perhaps the locks and bars helped out there. However, I swear that I keep seeing somebody following me wherever I go. It's a fleeting glance, though, because when I turn to try and get a better look, there is nobody there. Since I have no definite proof that I'm being stalked or anything, I can't go to the cops about this. Guess I just gotta wait until I have evidence.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fifth Dream + Strange Happenings

I apologize for not having updated in a month, but things have gotten a little weird over here by me. I'll start off by telling you about the most recent dream I've had (the other dreams I've had lately are just the same ones I have already posted about).

In this dream, I see myself from an outside perspective. I'm in what appears to be a warehouse of some sort, and I'm hiding behind a crate. Next to me is a man, dressed in what looks like a police officer's uniform. The difference is that one sleeve is completely ripped off, and the spot on the front of the shirt where the badge would normally be is completely gone. It's just a hole in the shirt now. He has a lot of stubble on his face, and he looks worn and tired, as if he had been through a rough time. He is talking to me, saying this is the last chance we have of taking him down, and if we fail here, it's all over. I ask him who he is talking about, but he ignores me. He suddenly pulls a flamethrower out from practically out of nowhere, announces it's time, and starts charging from behind the crate at a door nearby. I get up, pull out what appears to be a sword, and start running with him. Just as we are about to open the door, the cop disappears. I open the door, and I see the cop lying on the floor, lifeless. I wake up at this point.

I have been having this dream for about 2 weeks now with no idea what it could mean. However, I'm a little more concerned about what's going on in the waking world.

Firstly, I have been watching the news a lot and I'm hearing a lot of cases of missing children from my local area. No leads, no suspects, nothing. I'm not a father, but I always put myself in the shoes of the parents whose children are missing and get scared to think about what I would do. Second, I had to change the locks on my doors and actually put bars on my windows. For about 3 weeks, when I've woken up from my sleep, I think I see a man standing in the corner. A very tall man. I can't see a face because of how dark it is, but his presence there sends chills up my spine. I rub my eyes to try and get a clearer look at this person, but he is suddenly gone. I don't know if somebody has actually broken into my house, or if I'm just imagining things when I wake, but I didn't want to take chances. Tonight is the first night with the bars and new locks. If I see the man again, I'll know it's most likely my imagination.

So, any idea what my newest dream could mean?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fourth Dream

I have not had that dream about the forest since my last post. This time, however, I've been having a reoccurring dream about a woman. The only problem is this: I have never seen this woman before in my life.

The dream starts out with me driving to somebody's house. I don't recognize it at all. When I get to the house, a guy around 16-18 years old answers the door and lets me in. I walk down the stairs into the basement where I find my way into a bedroom. This woman is sitting on the bed, waiting for me. She has brown hair down about 1/3 her back and these beautiful brown eyes. We begin having a conversation, part of it having to do with her being pregnant with my child. I tell her I am excited to finally become a father and I can't wait for us to start our family. Suddenly, I get down on one knee and pull a small box out from my jacket pocket. I open it, show her the ring that's inside and ask her to marry me. Just before she gives an answer, we hear a tapping at the window. I look and I see a person wearing a mask. It's white and has black paint on it in strange markings. When I turn back to this woman, she has disappeared. That's when I wake up.

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Third Dream

This isn't a completely new dream for me, more like a continuation of the previous dream.

The dream starts off exactly the same. Park, celebration, lots of people, men in suits come and take everybody away. This time, however, one of the men is straggling behind. I immediately begin to follow him so I can find out where everybody was taken to. I'm following him down this dirt road that seems to go on forever, until finally it leads into a forest. Something inside me sank, as if warning me not to go into the forest. Maybe something was waiting in there for me, maybe it was nothing. But I realized that the only way to save my friends was to go in there. So, I took a deep breath and I went into the forest, still following the path. Once again, it felt like forever that I was walking, until I finally saw a clearing up ahead. I ran to get to the clearing, and that was the moment I woke up.

For some reason, I woke up in a heavy sweat. Walking through the forest, it seemed too real, unlike past dreams. Not sure why, or what the dream could mean.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Second Dream

Woke up from what was seeming to be a deep, dreamless sleep. Got on my computer right away so I could record the dream before I forgot it. It wasn't gonna be too hard, as this was a dream I've had several times since I was a little kid.

I was in a park, surrounded by many people. A good number of faces were those of people I knew: schoolmates, family, close friends, co-workers, etc... And there were a decent number of people I didn't recognize. We were having a huge picnic to celebrate something, and there was dancing, music and games. It was a fun time, and everybody was smiling and laughing. Suddenly, I felt a cold chill in the air as a harsh breeze came across everything. Next thing I know, there are a bunch of men coming from nowhere. All are dressed the same: black suit and tie. All of their faces were extremely serious-looking. Each one walked over to somebody else there, and they grabbed them with force and disappeared. I tried to fight back and stop them from taking everybody, but my fighting was to no avail. As the last suited man disappeared, I was left alone in the park. I fell to my knees and started crying. Out of nowhere, a hand (at least, I assumed it was a hand) placed itself on my shoulder. Just as I turned to see what was touching me, I woke up.

Analysis, anybody?

Monday, January 23, 2012

First Dream

I apologize I haven't posted here since my introduction. I haven't been sleeping much the past few weeks (no nightmares or anything, I'm just a bit of an insomniac). Either I don't sleep, I sleep for about 10 minutes, or I hit a deep sleep and can't remember anything from my dreams. However, this dream did stick out, and I'm wondering what people think it could mean.

There were four of us: two women that I didn't recognize, one guy I didn't recognize, and myself. We were talking to this elderly man who was dressed in strange clothes, possibly from the Medieval era. He told us that we were chosen to be the new generation of heroes to save the world. In order to gain the powers of the past heroes, we had to master riding these special horses. The other three were able to do so with ease, but I was given the most stubborn horse of all. Pure black with a major attitude. I ultimately ended up having to get on him by jumping and grabbing onto him as he ran past me. Once I got on him, he was fine. The four of us transformed into new outfits. I don't recall what the others wore, but suddenly I was in a black suit of armor, the helmet had horns on it, and my shield had a giant cross on it as an emblem. We were then informed that we were now the new heroes and heroines of legend. The women were the heroines of wisdom and courage, the other guy was the hero of valor, and I was the hero of justice. My horse had also changed somewhat, as now its mane and tail were these dark blue flames. We started riding off in a 1-2-1 formation to what I assume was our first heroic mission. However, before we got there, my horse became a bit wild again and took off in a separate direction. He suddenly stopped and I lost my grip, so I ended up being thrown from him. I crashed head first into a tree, and then I woke up.

Any possible translations?

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey guys. My name is Lucien Drage. I'm almost 27 years old (I know, I'm getting old, lol), and I currently live on my own. Not gonna say what town or state. You know, I like my privacy, and I don't want a bunch of crazy internet people stalking me. I just moved into my first apartment a few months ago, and I finally finished unpacking and settling in. Unfortunately, I am unemployed, but I am currently collecting unemployment, plus I have a good amount of money saved up in my bank account.

This feels a little weird to me. I wanted to create a blog, but when I went to blogger, it said I already had one and had a blog created already. However, when I went to check out the blog, all I saw was a black screen. I wanted to do the same thing with youtube, and the same situation occurred: I had an account already, but I couldn't see any of the videos it said I had uploaded, nor could I see any of the videos of the accounts I had subscribed to.

My reason for wanting to create the blog and youtube channel? Lately, I've been having some trouble sleeping, and when I do, I have some strange dreams. I am going to use the youtube and blog as a means of recording what happens in my dreams, and then seeking out anybody who reads/watches my accounts to help me analyze my dreams and figure out what they could mean. My e-mail address is, and hopefully, I shall be hearing from anybody soon.