Thursday, October 8, 2015

Still On The Run

My posts are becoming more sporadic, I know, but that's because I know I am still being followed. I have had to change safehouse locations at least twice a week now. I think I'm a little more safe now, since I'm no longer in the United States now. As always, won't say exactly where I am, but know that I probably won't return to the country for awhile.

I have actually found another SIA operative who has been travelling with me. He has kept tabs on my blog, and when I found him last week in our current safehouse, he revealed himself and proved himself to be an ally. At least I'm not alone...for now.

He said he hasn't heard anything about The Count or Lobo in a few years himself, so no new leads. He has also tried to get information on other runners and fighters, but they are few and far between.

We are working on a new plan right now, to get myself back into action and start trying to help others. He found Lobo's research on the village in The Black Forest: about the ritual that turned people into His minions, and a few theories on how to disrupt and end the ritual for good. They were never tested, so we don't know if they will actually work.

But it's a start...