Monday, January 18, 2016

Current Findings After Months of Testing

It has been over three months since my last post. As I said before, I was no longer in the country. It was no longer safe for me at the time, and with the research found by my fellow SIA operative (he wishes only to go by the name of Mr. Brown), we knew where we had to go.

Brown and I found ourselves heading to Germany. It was time for me to return to the Black Forest. I told Brown to wait behind, as I knew what to expect from the village. I didn't want him to be put into unnecessary danger. Using my memories from my previous experience, I easily navigated myself through the woods until I came to that familiar clearing.

I was nervous at first. When I saw the buildings, I started remembering what happened to Brittany all those years ago. Watching her die at the hands of my ex fiancée, Sam. The madness I spiraled into after I killed her. My anger started boiling over and my vision became blurry and distorted. However, I remembered the message I received from Brittany after I returned home, and I was able to calm myself back down.

Lobo's research into the ritual that turns people into proxies was very in depth and complicated, but he was able to simplify everything in a few easy sentences. Though the sentences were easy, what had to be done was not. In order to disrupt the ritual and prevent the proxy from being created, one must literally step in the way of the body about to receive the tainted soul of one of "The Forgotten" (a soul that was lost and tainted on The Path), as if about to take the soul themselves. One of two things would happen, according to Lobo's notes. First, The Forgotten's soul would realize it was about to enter a body already inhabited with a soul and vanish. This wasn't the case the several times I interrupted the ritual.

The second result, which happened every time I disrupted the ritual, is that the tainted soul would pass through my own body, but after passing through my body, the soul would no longer be untainted. The color returned from the dark black into a more pure white, which would then re-enter its original body and restore the victim to their normal selves.

Lobo's findings were true. He has discovered a way to at least change the ritual to save people. However, I obviously couldn't keep it up forever. Each time I managed to interrupt the ritual, the Agent performing over this Black Mass would try to kill me. Each time they did, I returned the favor and ended their lives. Over the course of nearly three months, I killed 7 Agents. It would take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks before another Agent returned to the village to start performing the ritual again. This proved Donnie's original theory from years ago that these masses do require an Agent to help with the creation of proxies.

Using the hidden tunnel in the basement of the church, I managed to leave the village undetected. I reunited with Mr. Brown, who remained in an SIA HQ that was established in Frankfurt after the adventures in the Black Forest in 2011. We are no longer there, just as a safety incase I was followed by somebody again.

In the bleakness of what I have lost, at least there is currently one glimmer of light.

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