Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Found Out, and Where Did The Month Go?

Have I really lost track of nearly a month? This isn't a good sign. This means either The Threat is able to exert influence on me again, or The Tree is back. Either way, I need to start doubling my efforts to remain hidden.

Picking up where I left off, Lilliana had informed me of the night that a giant battle occurred between the FBI, the SIA, The Threat, and apparently even The Bleeding Tree made its way into the fray.

Me: "Leeches? You don't mean..."

Lilliana: "Exactly. The Bleeding Tree. The only information any of us have on this comes from The Sages and that crazy bastard, Zero. None of us knew how to deal with it. It became an all-out blood bath in the warehouse that night."

Me: "And what happened? How did any of us survive?"

Lilliana: "I guess that the presence of everybody, as well as everything, in that warehouse caused some sort of strange disturbance. It felt like reality was warping all around us. Suddenly, there was this loud, penetrating scream that filled the air, piercing my very soul. The next moment, I was alone. Lobo and The Count, Him, The Tree, and you. Vanished without a trace. I think the combination of everything happening at once is was caused your recent memory loss."

Trying to absorb everything she has told me, I didn't even notice the vague, shadowy figure standing off in the distance. At first, it appeared to be The Threat. But then I observed a gun in his hands, aimed directly either at me or Lilliana. Before I had the chance to react, I heard a gunshot.

Looking up at the figure in the distance, he fell over, shouting in pain. I look behind me to see Brown with his gun aimed now at Lilliana. He put his hand on my shoulder, letting me know it's time to leave. I looked at Lilliana, who seemed to show no fear in her eyes with a gun pointed right at her. She just smiles at me. Brown starts walking back to the car.

Me: "Don't try to follow us. I want nothing more to do with the FBI. If you follow us, if you go after any more Fighters or Runners, expect to wind up as just another body,"

Lilliana: "You can't blame a girl for trying. After all, we had a great time all those years, I just hoped we could be happy again."

As she says this, she slipped another note into my hand, giving me a kiss on the cheek as well. She turns around and goes back to her car. I do the same, getting into the back seat of the car with Brown. He pulls away and speeds off.

I explained everything to him that I learned, as well as what I was remembering. He doesn't cast judgement on me for what The Tree did to my memory. He even thinks it was The Tree's influence that made me an easier target for the FBI to manipulate. Even so, what I have done now, I can't erase it.

I think I need to lie down again. All this remembering is tiring me.

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