Friday, July 29, 2016

Found Out, Part 2

Took a long nap this afternoon, but it's not helping me in my recovery.

To continue where I left off:

The female cop told me that I was with the FBI and I helped her eliminate "pesky insects" that had knowledge of the Threat.

Me: "What the hell are you talking about? I was never with the FBI, and I never killed anybody except my ex fiancée, that horrible Agent of that thing."

Lilliana: "You are so simple-minded, always were, Lucien. You don't even remember that night in Newark, when we found you?"

This was when a memory came back to me. I was meeting up with a woman named Maya that I had started to get to know. We met for dinner, but before we could get our food, a cop, or so I believed, told us to step out of the restaurant, we were needed for questioning. When we got outside, I was jumped. I remembered hearing Maya scream before I blacked out. Thinking back to it, Lilliana was the cop that grabbed me then.

Me: "You are the cause of all of this? Did you cause my three year memory loss too? I know the FBI can probably do that to people. Why not just kill me then if I was such a threat to you?"

Lilliana: "You were different. You were exactly like Zeke was: smart, cunning, able to hold your own, and most of all, you knew people. We needed somebody like you to help us. Somebody who could get close to the Fighters and Runners. You were exactly what the job required. With a little coaxing, and a little bit of training, you were the perfect candidate."

Me: "What exactly are you saying?"

Lilliana: "Thanks to you, many of those that knew too much, the ones who went into hiding, or who did everything to keep fighting, were eliminated. And the boss, he never thought you'd be the one to pull the trigger every time, but with my special treatments, you did."

I was stunned. She was saying that I was the one who killed all of my friends. All those I have been trying to re-connect with, that I hoped somehow survived: dead, because of me.

Me: "You're lying. I would never do something like that, and I would remember committing such an atrocity."

Lilliana: "Then how do you explain your dreams? Each one tells you of somebody you killed for us."

Me: "And my sister? Did you force me to kill her too?"

Lilliana: "We tried. As one of the Sages, she was one of our biggest threats, next to you of course. But something happened the night we tried to get to her."

Me: "And what exactly was that?"

Lilliana: "We went to our warehouse, the one we kept all of our files and weapons necessary for our missions. Before we could leave, your buddies Lobo and The Count showed up, threatening to kill us for what we did to you. No idea how they found us, but it didn't matter. We had to get rid of them, but things went from bad to worse. He showed up, and He was in a rage. He began attacking everybody, including us. Your friends managed to distract him, and that's when shit really hit the fan."

Me: "So you're telling me that between us, Lobo and The Count, as well as The Threat, things still managed to get worse?"

Lilliana: "Yep, in the form of leeches."

I'm so exhausted trying to recount all of this, I'll post the final update on what happened tomorrow.

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