Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey guys. My name is Lucien Drage. I'm almost 27 years old (I know, I'm getting old, lol), and I currently live on my own. Not gonna say what town or state. You know, I like my privacy, and I don't want a bunch of crazy internet people stalking me. I just moved into my first apartment a few months ago, and I finally finished unpacking and settling in. Unfortunately, I am unemployed, but I am currently collecting unemployment, plus I have a good amount of money saved up in my bank account.

This feels a little weird to me. I wanted to create a blog, but when I went to blogger, it said I already had one and had a blog created already. However, when I went to check out the blog, all I saw was a black screen. I wanted to do the same thing with youtube, and the same situation occurred: I had an account already, but I couldn't see any of the videos it said I had uploaded, nor could I see any of the videos of the accounts I had subscribed to.

My reason for wanting to create the blog and youtube channel? Lately, I've been having some trouble sleeping, and when I do, I have some strange dreams. I am going to use the youtube and blog as a means of recording what happens in my dreams, and then seeking out anybody who reads/watches my accounts to help me analyze my dreams and figure out what they could mean. My e-mail address is, and hopefully, I shall be hearing from anybody soon.

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