Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying to Recall

At the suggestion of Alex's comment on my last entry, I've decided to try and recall my memories and what I may have written in my old blog. She mentioned the name Kellie, and I've been forcing myself to remember anything about any girl with that name, either Kellie, Kelly, or Kelley. However, I haven't been able to recall a single thing. Yet, the dream I was having about the girl who I was proposing to has been playing out more often. Other dreams have been featuring this girl as well. Could this girl be Kellie?

I feel like I'm starting to get closer to learning something, but whenever I feel like I might be near a breakthrough, something forcibly stops me from remembering. For example, in one of the dreams with this girl, we are sitting on a bed, having a conversation. I can't hear anything that's being said, but slowly the sound picks up. She is about to mention something to me, but something weird happens. I'm suddenly outside in a forest, staring at a tree with multiple eyes (similar to the tree in my one video, but with a lot more eyes). I think this tree may have something to do with everything, but I have no idea what exactly this tree has to do with my life. Getting a little nervous, but it really seems that my memories may contain something important that somebody or something doesn't want me to recall.

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