Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Clue, But Confusing To Me

I decided to log onto youtube today, to see if maybe I could access any of my videos or my subscriptions. I was hoping that maybe I could view something that would give me any insight to my own missing memories of my youtube channel or blog. I couldn't view any of my own videos still, and for the most part, I couldn't view any other videos of my subscriptions.

Except for one...

It was hard for me to see and understand what was going on, due to a lot of distortion in the video, and the man's voice seemed both soft and gravelly. So I was unable to get an idea of what this video was about. One thing, however, scared me really badly: the ending of the video. Through all of the distortion, I saw something that appeared to be tentacles slowly appearing from the side of the screen, reaching in until they grabbed the man. When I watched that, I suddenly got a massive headache and fell to the floor of my room, clutching my head. At the same time, I felt this strange burning sensation in one of my wrists and began grabbing that as well.

From reading the description, I gathered his name was Ezekiel Strahm. He was apparently some important figure, for he had two blogs that he wrote in. However, when I clicked on the links, I once again got the black screen that I get when trying to read any other blogs. However, I noticed something when I logged into my own account here on blogger: I'm already subscribed to his two blogs.

Why am I subscribed to his blogs, and why, of all the channels I'm subscribed to on youtube, that video was the only one I could see?

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  1. Zeke was a hero and a menace at the same time, depending on who you speak to. He was the first to resist. We would not exist without him.

    The tentacled one is not just distorting the videos, but your memory as well. I don't think I, or anyone, can be of much help until you shake off his influence.

    Some words and terms to help jog your memory:

    I wish I could explain.