Sunday, July 12, 2015

No Responses

Nobody. I have binged through the blogs and youtube channels of other fighters and runners, looking to see who was still alive and who was taken from us by Him. Zeke, one of the toughest fighters out there, even he lost his life to that thing. The three sages: Amal, Hakurei, and my sister, Kay, no work from the in the past few years. No idea if they are alive or missing. Tony is gone, Cathy is dead, and Cynthia is who knows where now. Celie, I never found her second blog, so I have no idea if she is alright or not. It seems that no matter what, whether it is a permanent life of running and hiding, or the bittersweet taste of death, there is no escape from Him.

Other than those who commented on my post the other night, I haven't heard from anybody. Tried calling Kay's cellphone with no luck, number is disconnected. I tried sending e-mails to so many of my old friends between Thursday and Friday night. They either bounced back or I have had no reply. I only wish that at least of them were still alive. Just so I could know that not everything will always be so bleak. I haven't been able to get in contact with The Count or Lobo either. The Count, he is most likely still alive, but whether he is still on our side or not is the mystery. Lobo, on the other hand, who knows? His last post on the blog stated he was in The Black Forest. No idea if anything happened to him there, if he returned stateside, or if he is just gone from us.

I did manage contact with a few important people. First off, my parents. Thankfully, they, as well as Kay and I's other sister, are still alive and ok. Parents said they had some visits from FBI agents after I had disappeared, but other than that, life has been normal for them. Same goes for my other sister. None of them, however, have heard from Kay in a few years. I also managed to contact Brittany's father. I just wanted to check on him and Brittany's son, make sure that they were safe as well. I tried to get in touch with Kelley's family too. Apparently, not too long after Kelley killed herself, her family moved out to Pennsylvania somewhere, not wanting to stay in this area.

So much has happened in three years, yet very little happiness has come around. Very little hope for a happy ending. Not sure if I should still keep up my end of the fight, or if I should just succumb to what will eventually happen.


  1. always fight Lucien, never succumb. fight for those who have passed because of this

  2. I suspect that the runners are, at this point, mainly in hiding. Few seem to be maintaining active blogs. Perhaps running is not the best answer?

    Regardless, your mention of FBI Agents worries me. They may be His operatives, or they may have been members of the Agency. There have been a few... issues in the Organization, I must admit.

    Again, any issues, don't hesitate to contact. I'll be watching your progress regardless


  3. /S/, if you recall anything about Zeke Strahm and his encounters with Him, you know that the FBI was also involved. Don't think they were actually operatives of Him, more like the government that we all suspect of covering up conspiracies. Either way, do not trust anybody from the FBI.

    Connor, it's hard to want to continue fighting when it seems like you have nobody left to fight for.