Thursday, July 9, 2015

What Happened?

What Is Going On?

Three years.

I have no memory of the past three years.

But I remember everything else.

I remember everything. The old blog and videos. The people I lost, the people who got hurt because of me. The people that tried to help me.

I remember Him. The reason for all of this happening. For all the pain, suffering, loss, it was all because of Him.


But there is another. A reason I didn't remember my original blog, or my original videos on YouTube. The reason why I vanished from The Path after a month, why The Count couldn't find me. And now I understand what happened with Zero and my sister Kay.

The Bleeding Tree.

Kay, what happened? I need to know. I have to get in touch with her. I have to try and get in touch with everybody. All the fighters and runners from back then. Somebody has to still be alive and fighting, or at least running.

Somebody still needs to be safe.

I promise, I will explain more in my next post, but I need to rest. Been coughing like crazy since I woke up yesterday, and I need to start trying to contact people.


  1. Very few Runners from your time are left, I'm afraid. Most expired or disappeared.
    If you need anyone to contact, I'm here. If not, I shall continue to observe your progress. Good luck, friend.


  2. a lot of them are either insane or dead. idk if you knew but Cairo was a proxy the entire time. Last I about heard about The Count people form the channel "OutoftheLie" were going to kill him. I hope you find Kay

  3. /S/, thank you. It's good to know that there are still people out there fighting, even if they aren't my old friends. New ones are always welcome.

    Connor, I found out. I have been binging on the blogs and youtube channels of my old allies, trying to find out if any of them are still around. I hope I find her too.