Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Back Stateside

Brown and I have come back across the ocean to the states. We figured there was nothing more we can do in Germany. Still no word from any other runners and fighters from my time, no word from Lobo or The Count. Safe to say that they are all gone. I should have heard something from one of them by now.

I realize now it's futile to hope for my friends. It was pointless for me to believe they could have survived this long. Then again, how did I manage to survive this long?

I started having nightmares recently. None that involve The Threat or The Bleeding Tree. I'm not sure if these nightmares have anything to do with my three years of missing memories. I see myself wearing a suit, with a few other guys dressed just like me. We were chasing after people, not sure who they were. All I remember is that when we caught up to these different people, they begged me not to do it, to let them go. Instead, I pulled out a gun and shot them, point blank. The two others with me then put their hands on my shoulders. After each kill, they told me I did well, and that "the boss" would be proud of my turn around.

I need to figure out if those dreams mean anything.

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